I love my pet…

13 Sep

I woke to the ringing of the broken old alarm. Although I could sleep more by banging the head of that ringing device, amma’s horrible laughs did not allow me to do that. She found it very funny to see my startled face everyday. Badi Mem had given that alarm clock to amma so that she could reach Haveli on time. Amma too was lazy like me. I knew she used to run to the Haveli much before the time as I used to force her to tie my long black hair in two plats. How lazy one can be, I wondered!

The summer had begun. My school that I detested was closed for two months. Vaccations were the most glorious days of my life. I felt like a bird. A free bird who can stretch its wings long aside, feel the breeze on the face and swirl in the open blue sky. How delightful! My day started at noon. Most of my time used to pass on the fields with appa. I used to meet Chandra my best friend, a little goat, that used to get jolly by my sight. Under appa’s supervision I used to hold the small Chandra and take her to wander in the fields. Despite of the tremondous heat me and Chandra never lost the zeal to rome aimlessly. Chandra belonged to Sham anna but he never stopped us to meet each other.

One morning when I woke quite early than any regular day, appa gave me a sad news. He was called to work on a field which was enough far from our house. Although it was a moment of joy for our family of three as appa was going to get paid double for working on that far away field. But I was sad. Firstly as I would not be able to meet Chandra every day as amma would never allow me to go to the field alone and secondly, I will have to spend my entire day at haveli that too with amma. I was so troubled by the mere thougts. But then I had no other option too. Amma gave me a pink satin frock to wear on my first day to haveli for which I had craved for nearly two months but amma had warned me to wear it on some special occasssion.  Badi Mem had given that frock to amma long back. It did not fit Choti Mem, her daughter then. I developed a liking towards the haveli members. When things were of no use to them, they used to happily hand over it to amma. 

The haveli was just a minute walk from our house. It was massive. Our house was not even the size of choti mem’s bathroom. There were tall coconut trees surrounding the haveli. The backside of the haveli comprised a petit but admirable garden. I had always heard amma saying that Badi Mem was too fond of plants and flowers. I saw the exquisite Zinnia sprawling all across the garden. They were a treat to the eyes. There were also many cockscomb plants behind the Zinnia.

What caught my attention was a bark from one of the rooms of haveli. I was a animal lover and from the bark I could find out that it was a small innocent puppy. I forced amma to take me to that room.

“Illai!” she responded with anger. “It is choti mem’s room. I will slap you if you go there.”

I heard the bark again. I felt as if it was calling me.

“Amma…Amma…” I cried as she pulled my hand and took me towards the kitchen.

“Sit here!” she warned.

“Kaalai Vanakkam!” said a sweet voice. I turned back. It was Badi mem. She was wearing a silk saree which had rich zari work. Her dark red bindi made her glowing face even more attractive.

“She was alone at home and she is very naughty, that’s why I brought her here.” Amma said in a low voice.

“No problem at all. I was going to ask you to bring Anandi to haveli one day. I had seen her a year back! My God, she is so beautiful!” Badi Mem winked at amma. “What happened Anandi? You seem so sad? You don’t like to come here?” She asked me earnestly making a child like voice.

“I love haveli. I love the puppy that is barking my name from a long time. But amma will slap me. Badi mem, can I go to that room please!” I pleaded.

“Anandi…” Amma shouted as if I asked Badi Mem to give me gold and silver coins. Badi mem directed me towards the room and told me that the pup’s name is Mini.

I was overjoyed. I ran like a crazy girl upstairs. When I reached choti mem’s room, I saw her drying her beautiful long jet black hair. She looked like a apsara. She looked at me as I hid behind the door.

“Mini, we have a cute visitor on our door today! But that visitor feels I am a rakshas and I will eat her up so she is hiding behind the door!”

I smiled, giggled and then laughed aloud finally. I walked out from behind the door. I saw Mini. She was very tiny. She had pure white fur on her body and small brown spots on her ear. Her eyes were angellic. She ran towards me the moment she saw me and started licking me with her tongue.

“Mini likes you!” Choti Mem said.

“I like her too.”

Mini had become an inseperable part of my life. The two months of vaccation that I passed with Mini went swiftly. She had become my best friend. Mini was the sweetest, nicest companion that I have ever had. My daily routine was going to school, eat whatever amma cooked and run to the haveli to meet mini. I had once taken Suparna and Gopi my school friends to meet mini. They could not believe their eyes when they saw her. Indeed! She was so beautiful.

Everyone in the haveli and amma too noticed that mini was very precious to me. Once when mini was terribly sick, amma gave me the permission to bunk school for a day and stay with mini. I remember I cried a lot when I saw mini slept helplessly with zero strength. A person can atleast speak about his sufferings but a dog can’t even do that. But then she was a fighter. Within two days she was back to all her regular activities. I was the happiest person on earth at that time.

Four years passed. Appa started making good money from working on more than two fields. Amma gradually stopped working at haveli. Her weak limbs did not support her. But Choti Mem was very kind. She never disallowed me to meet Mini. But it was destiny that decided to cease my friendship with mini.

One day when I entered haveli, I saw Choti Mem sobbing. Mini was busy playing with a broken coconut. I went near Choti Mem and placed my hand on her shoulder. She looked at me and immidiately hugged me tight. I was unable to understand what was happening.

“What happened Choti Mem?” I asked.

“Anandi….mini is my life and I know yours too. But she is going to leave us all alone in some days.” Choti Mem cried loudly this time.

I was shocked and confused to hear what Choti Mem said.

“Where is she going Choti Mem? She is your dog. So who wants to take her away from us?”

“Anandi…mini is suffering from a liver disease. Doctor said it has grown so much now that she can’t be cured. The disease is fatal. She will be with us just for a few days.” She cried again.

Losing someone or something you love or care deeply about is very painful. I experienced all kinds of difficult emotions and it felt like the pain and sadness will never let up. These are normal things that happen when you know you are soon going to lose someone.

“Choti Mem, lets not cry. This will make mini even more weak. Let us enjoy each and every day with our beloved mini. Lets make her happy. Do you promise that to me Choti Mem.” I wiped my tears and put my hand forward. Choti Mem wiped her tears too and held my hand tight.

We never cried after that day. We decided to spend every minute with mini. Choti mem once brought mini to my school. What a wonderful surprise it was! In the evenings we used to take mini for a long walk along the banks of the river which was near haveli. Mini loved the river. We could see it in her eyes. But as the days were passing she was becoming feeble and tired. But I and Choti mem never showed even a small glint of sadness on our face.

One morning I woke up with an astound. I saw amma sitting on the door of our house. I rubbed my eyes, yawned and felt sick due to over sleeping. I washed my face and then rolled back to my quilt. I took that broken alarm clock in my hand. It showed 4.30 am. I hit it once. Not a single dial was moving. I understood that it is no more working. I was happy as it won’t disturb my sleep now. But my heart felt as if someone has placed a heavy bag on it.

“Amma” I said.

She looked at me with grief all over her face.

“Let’s go to the haveli Anandi.” She said with a soft tone that did not suit her at all.

My brain gave me an idea about what would have happened but then I denied my thoughts.

With a cracked tone she said “Let’s say a final goodbye to Mini.”

I looked at the stopped alarm clock and collapsed on the ground.




My Love is True…

1 Aug

Though the feelings are new…

And the words are few…

My love for you is very true…

I never loved this life before,

As much as I do now…

Someone has changed me so much

That I wonder how?

All the things are beautiful

The thoughts so touching…

I wish it always remains in the same state…

But suddenly a dark cloud arose,

And made me realise that he is not a part of my fate

I broke into parts and my heart cried,

As it was so early

That the happiness dried…

But still I will never lose the hope

As every dark cloud has a silver lining,

And wait for my turn, to prove…

That though the words are few,

My love is true….


Dhanashri Kadam(written in 10th std)

We Can’t…

1 Aug


The things we do

The things we pray

We can’t blame others

For anything we say…


We love, we hate

It’s all written in our fate

But we can’t blame others

For our mind’s state…


No one gives us joy

Neither gives us sorrow

Never gives anything

And zero he takes

We only suffer

Because of our mistakes,

And we can’t blame others

For our own state…


-Dhanashri Kadam(written in standard 8th)


17 Apr

I was exasperated with the work load that day. The journey in the Mumbai local train at the rush hours had already annoyed me. The long queues for BEST buses on Andheri station was something I detested badly.
After entering my office, one of the companies situated in SEEPZ, I rushed towards the canteen for my daily coffee. I sat down on my desk, analyzed the things-to-do for the day while sipping on the warm brewing drink.
I wanted to check my mails, to see if there are any new job openings. I was pissed off with my current job. Everyone is, I thought. I visualized what I had done in the past few days. And I found that too. It was NOTHING. I smiled when I saw the list of things I had decided to do as the New Year’s Resolution. ‘Self-Improvement’ was one of it. But, I had taken no pains to improve myself.
I went for lunch quite late that day. After finishing the parathas at Keydees, I returned back towards my office. To my surprise, I was welcomed by a board, which was hung near the reception area. It read-
“This is to inform you that there is a sad demise of the person who was obstructing your success in this company. It is a kind request to all, that you attend the funeral of the person near the Gymkhana.”
I was flabbergasted reading the board. The death of the person obstructing my way to success was bizarre. I headed towards the Gymkhana. My colleagues were already present there. After reading it at first, everyone was sad, as someone amongst our colleagues had passed away, but knowing who the person between me and my success was, was creating excitement.
One after other, everyone started to move towards the coffin. I was surprised to see their expressions. It was my turn then. I sighed and peeped inside the coffin. I was speechless. My body became numb. I stood still with shock infront of the coffin. It felt as if someone had touched my heart deeply.
There was a mirror placed inside the coffin. The person saw his own reflection in the mirror when he peeped inside. There was a small sentence written besides it-
“Only one person can obstruct your success in your life and that is YOU!”
I went back to my desk. I felt glad that I was exposed to such reality in my life. I understood that company, friends, parents, partners, no one can influence our life. It will undergo a change only when we come out of our limited DAYRA.
The best relation we can have with someone in our life is that we have with ourself.

“Where there is a positive will, there is a way!”

25 Feb

I recently read a masterpiece, a book called “Not without my Daughter”, written by Betty Mahmoody with William Hoffer. It is based on the real life story of Betty and her daughter Mahtob. It showed how she succeeded in returning to the States after being captured by her Iranian husband in Tehran for one and a half years. Betty and Mahtob followed only one tenet that is ‘Where there is a will there is a way!’

From where did they get so much energy? What helped them to keep themselves so calm and patient? How they kept their hope intact throughout the process?

The answer is Optimism. The word with synonyms like hopefulness, cheerfulness, confidence, brightness etc. Its meaning itself evokes a positive energy in the minds of individuals. Optimism is the temperament or tendency of believing that any activity will result into the most favorable condition. It is a belief which states that goodness ultimately predominates over the evil in the world.

“The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne, explains a much related concept. The positive energy and vibes are attracted by the way of our thinking. Our mind actually shapes the world around us. The more optimism we bring in our thoughts, the chances of gaining success increases. The book also says that we are like a human transmission tower, the more victories we expect, the more we should try to change the frequency of our thoughts.

   “Agar kisi cheez ko…Dil se chaaho…  Toh puri kaynath tumhe usey milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai!!”

The above written phrase, a dialogue from one of the Bollywood Blockbusters, has an overwhelming profound meaning. It too explains that if we wish for something honestly and if we keep a positive attitude throughout the process then the entire Universe starts working for us, so that we can achieve it.

Thus, I would like to conclude saying that, adding optimism to our lives will certainly result in our betterment. We should remember that this world is certainly a better place to live in, removing all the cynical thoughts out of our mind and following one of the best mantras for success- Optimism.

The FEAR of the Parent..ville

11 Dec


Syrah is getting ready for college…suddenly she gets a message on her cell phone..

-“hyeee syrah…was sup… tmrw we all are catching up at CCD at 4…don’t say no..its finally a SUNDAY!!!”

Syrah without giving this offer a second thought…replied..

-“I wish I could…but my dad will be home tomorrow…sorry…u guys enjoy…!”

What exactly does this mean?? May be Syrah wants to spend her Sunday with her family..Or maybe the scenario is much palpable…she is afraid of hearing a “No” from her parents…

Why didn’t she try asking once??  May be she knew that convincing her parents was a vain effort…it would have rather ended up in an inutile family drama…

Often we see parents expressing their resentment regarding their children; however we fail to notice those children who are still struggling to get  out of that “Dayra’’..

Is it incorrect for a girl to just hang around with her friends?? Why can’t they chat for more than 10 minutes on his cell phone?? The worst is that they are not even allowed to be on social sites…

Then isn’t it a no brainer that these girls and boys  will certainly use other options to enjoy their share of freedom..

Why are such things happening today…when it’s a liberal place to live in..

I have heard my grand mom saying that-Milk boils faster when you put  a lid on it..And if you lose your attention even  for a second it will surely spill…

Parents must understand that their child needs space. You have an opportunity to make it harder for your own children to someday complain that you are nagging them a lot. Strict parents steal their confidence, they don’t let their child to develop properly and find their inner self. They make it difficult for them to be an adult who knows what he or she wants they are so scared to have an opinion of their own.

I know a boy who is addicted to smoking; when I asked him how he developed this habit, he simply blamed his dad. He said that his dad used to pitilessly beat him even if he was found playing with his friends. He was not allowed to watch or play cricket as his dad thought he will miss on his studies. Because of such pressures he gradually started hating school, his studies and got attracted to a lot of bad habits. He says if his dad would not have been that strict in his childhood; he would have been at least a step ahead then what he is today.

Prevention is always better than cure. Before you see something like this happening to your child start working on it in a correct manner. There is no smoke without fire and understand this before it’s too late.


(Title inspired by the book “The hound of Baskerville” written by  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle )